Sunday 10 November 2013

Best Business Ideas with Low Investment By Bally Chohan

10 Best Business Ideas with Low Investment

1. Recruitment firm
Since the rate of unemployment is going vertical in India; the recruitment firms are in huge demand. A recruitment firm would be a good business idea you can opt for to earn money. And such kind of business does not need huge investment to start with. You need to hire a small office space for rent; good contact with small and big companies and a proper plan to execute the idea, which altogether will help you to flourish your business. If you are sending a candidate to a particular firm, the firm will pay you with a certain amount as commission for a particular period of time that can be between 1-3 months.

2. Real estate consultant
While the demand for properties is growing day by day, you can turn yourself a realestate consultant to earn money. Real estate business is one of the flourishing businesses that give good return on investment.  And to start with this business would require very low investment. All you need to know is your own locality you are staying in, which is the most basic step to start as a real estate consultant. For each and every deal you make, there are possibilities of getting 1 or 2 percent as a commission fee on top of your consultant charges.

3. Custom made festival gifts
Presenting custom made gifts has caught people’s fancy in today’s date. This trend mainly can observe during festival seasons. Some of the custom made festival gifts are Soft toys for Valentine’s Day, chocolates, diyas and designer gift boxes for Dewily, Christmas and so on. Similarly, you can also start with some custom made gift ideas as your business. You don’t have to rent a shop for this. You can do this business from your house which in turn will fetch you good amount by the end of the festive season.

4. Mobile food court
Are you a person who is passionate about cooking? If yes, then starting a mobile restaurant is a good option. Due to the busy life, people do not have time to go to a restaurant and have food. If you start a mobile food restaurant and provide food in locations that have good potential for business, you can earn big bucks. You will have to just buy second hand van and maintain the quality of food. This will help you improve your business within few days and you can go ahead by introducing more mobile restaurants.

5. Event management
Event management business is one of the businesses that are in demand. If you feel that you have the capacity to move things quickly and have good networking ability, then this is the best place for you. Since everything takes place in the event and all the expenses will be taken care by the company, all you need to do is to look after whether the event moves smoothly.

6. Start Your Online Internet Business Like Selling on eBay
You can start a business by selling your goods on internet. You can make good use of Websites like EBay to sell your goods. Here you can put your product on action where the buyers will bid. This will give you the opportunity to get the best prices for your product. The biggest investment in this business is “Time”. You will have to constantly sit in front of your internet and be aware of the latest bid.

7. SEO Consultant
SEO means Search engine optimization. SEO consultants are those individuals who are experts in keeping your internet marketing strategy at pace. There are thousands of websites and blogs that are created every day, but most of them do not survive for more than few months. The reason behind this is many people don’t know how to market their blogs and get high ratings. Starting a SEO consultant will be very easy, quick to set up and does not require much of investment. In case you don’t know SEO, you can take a training which will not last for more than 3 months.

In India, marriages are considered to be once in a lifetime occasion. Because of this reason, many people prefer for a lavish wedding. If you are a person who is creative and have the capacity of multi tasking, then you can start your business by your own. Initially, you will have to take a place for your office and after few days you can open a website which is a onetime investment through which you can market your product.
If you are interested in jewels, then you can start your own small business by making jewellery and selling them. You can either become a jewelry designer for artificial jewels or can become a designer for gold, diamond and platinum. Since all the materials for the product will be provided by your dealer, you will have to make designs that your dealer ask for.

10. Ice-Cream Shop Business
People no more consider that ice-creams are only for the summer. You can open an ice-cream parlor which requires very less investment and even the product is fast moving on.

Friday 8 November 2013

Business-to-Business : Bally Chohan

Bally Chohan Business Directory

bally chohan business directory


Software Services

For customers who need a tailored solution to meet specific objectives. Examples include optimizing an existing deployment, customization of standard application functionality, integration, reporting, best practices consulting, or collaboration with integrators and manufacturers. For customers who want an extra level of assistance in managing their computer assets. Bally Chohan Business Directory contains various IT categories that perform the day-to-day work within Customer Center on your behalf, including scheduled and ad hoc tasks. We will provide you with detailed and customized reports so you can accurately monitor your IT assets.
Bally Chohan Business Directory comprises of various real estate businesses:
Industrial property is sometimes confused with commercial property, after all, it has a commercial use. Yet, agriculture and special-use properties also have commercial uses, and they too are distinct categories. Industrial property would include factory and warehouses, power plants or land located in industrial districts. It is not uncommon for industrial property to be used in a manner we might classify as commercial. For example, a retail store might set up shop in a property that is considered industrial, providing local codes allow the use.
Agriculture property includes farms, ranches, orchards and timberlands. Churches, cemeteries, schools and government held land are considered special-purpose.
Before buying, it is often in the best interest of the buyer to seek out a tested real estate professional who specializes in the category of property they are seeking.
Bally Chohan Business Directory includes various educational services fields:
The educational services sector comprises establishments whose primary activity is education, including public, not-for-profit and for-profit establishments. Included are elementary and secondary schools, community colleges, universities, business schools and computer and management training, technical and trade schools, other schools and instruction and educational support services.
Bally Chohan Business Directory includes various wedding planning services fields:
Consultation and continuous communication
Vendor contact to confirm day-of details (week prior to wedding)
Wedding day timeline, contact list and management of all details from start to finish, keeping the day on schedule
Event Schedule for your wedding party and family
Conducting wedding rehearsal and ceremony logistics, including altar arrangement
Management of wedding reception, including directing vendors
Acting as a liaison between bride, family and vendors
Access to our wedding day emergency kit.
Bally Chohan Business Directory includes various health care businesses:
The global healthcare industry is undergoing a change with focus firmly on improving the quality of care delivered. There is an increased focus on an integrated healthcare ecosystem with collaboration between various stakeholders.
The mega trends driving healthcare are:
Complying with regulatory changes
Meaningful use of existing mandates
Improving clinical outcomes
Transformation and modernization of legacy systems
Increased focus on the customer
Increasing operational efficiency
Integrated care management
Bending the cost curve of healthcare